E-Type Floors and Sills – the Monocoque Metalworks way!

It was finally time for the ’66 OTS in the shop to get new floors and sills.  This is almost always a “package deal” – where you’re kind of “in for a penny, in for a pound….”

It makes the most sense to do full floors, inner and outer sills, all of the internal gussets, and all of the closing panels at the same time.  You pretty much have to do it that way to do it right, and since that’s the only way we do things here – we dive in and do it all.

This E-Type received an additional internal “hidden subframe” – it adds rigidity to the entire monocoque, additional strength and safety in a side collision, and ties the front subframe mounts in the sills to the radius arm mounts – while adding much needed strength to the jacking points as well.  And the best part is that it does it all and is TOTALLY HIDDEN within the box structures of the monocoque!

I came up with this design decades ago – it hits all of the main points that it needs to and it works!  There are alot of pictures in this post – enjoy!

I grew up around vintage racing E-Types, and they all had additional support like this, but it was always added after the fact, and got in the way of the seats, driveshaft, and everything else.  This system adds even better rigidity than anything else I’ve seen AND it’s TOTALLY HIDDEN!

If you want your E-Type’s shell restored right – AND want the added strength and safety of our years of experience with improving the monocoque, call me and we’ll talk about what the right solution is for YOUR Jag!

On the other hand, if you “steal” this design for use in your own car or another shop, that’s OK I guess – maybe one of these subframes will save a life someday…  Just be sure to give me credit for the design!  Thanks! – Chuck

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