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Monocoque Metalworks is a fabrication shop located in Northeastern Maryland that specializes in PERFECT Jaguar E-Type (XKE) body panels, and painstaking body shell and bonnet restoration.  If you are restoring your E-Type, the best place to start is a rock-solid bodyshell (or tub), and we can help!  We offer services ranging from the fabrication of a single panel to the construction of an entirely NEW bodyshell!

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Here is where we will be standing when you call to order panels, schedule your shell restoration, or ask for technical advice – in our new shop! Custom built for E-Type panel fabrication and body shell restoration – we have spent a lifetime outfitting Monocoque Metalworks with the right machinery, fixtures, knowledge, and experience. When it comes to the E-Type body shell, we are the answer you have been looking for – and we look forward to hearing from you!

This E-Type Fixed-head Coupe fitted with a Webasto sliding roof gives a great look into what we can do for your shell! This one started life as a rusty Series 2 FHC, and was converted into a rock-solid Series 1!

FABRICATION AND SHIPPING OF ORIGINAL OR CUSTOM BODY PANELS – we have patterns and examples of nearly every E-Type panel and can fabricate any panel you need for your restoration.  Before you spend hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on panels from the “usual sources” covered in low-quality, sloppy black primer – that rarely fit properly, give us a try!  OR, call us as the ONLY supplier of many of the smaller, internal panels that the others DON’T supply (or lists in their catalogs but don’t actually stock or even produce…)  Want some extra holes punched? – or some original holes not included? – or the panel produced in a heavier gauge? – no problem!

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A new support member for a Series 1 3.8 Bonnet Lower Valance, or Underpanel.  This panel was unavailable from ANY source, and if your bonnet hinge mounts are rusted out, the only previous option was to purchase the entire Lower Valance, at a VERY high cost!  Our panel can save you a great deal of money, and we can take in your underpanel, restore and reshape the outer skin, and install this piece – see our “Component Restoration” blog!

COMPLETE RESTORATION OF YOUR TUB – we will take in your monocoque bodyshell, strip it down to bare metal, and replace all damaged or rusted panels using the proper techniques.  Your shell will be returned to you in primer, dead straight, rock-solid, safe, and EXACTLY as it left the factory.

We have the skills, tools, and experience to go in DEEP! This ’63 Fixed-Head Coupe was declared a “parts car” by no less than THREE other restoration shops! Not on my watch!

The same E-Type, a few months later… We completely rebuilt the monocoque body shell, adding our “hidden subframe” for extra strength and safety inside the sills and crossmembers. We also built this bonnet from very rusty, original components from two different bonnets supplied by the customer. Finally, new frame rails were supplied, and the bonnet was mounted, adjusted, and trimmed to fit the shell flawlessly. You can see every step of this restoration in our blog postings to the right, under “1963 Fixed-Head Coupe – AB”

TUB MODIFICATION – we can “beef up” your tub with heavier gauge components for vintage racing, or add complete sub-frames, roll bars or cages.  If you can imagine it, we can fabricate it!

You won’t find one of THESE at the usual suppliers! Patterns and panels for a NEW Series 1 4.2 bulkhead assembly currently under construction. All pieces shown here were fabricated in our shop from new sheets of cold-rolled steel.

FABRICATION OF AN ENTIRELY NEW TUB – we can build you an entire floor assembly with sills, gussets, tunnel, etc. – a complete bulkhead (cowl/firewall) assembly – or an entirely NEW bodyshell!

COMPONENT RESTORATION – We will happily restore any piece you care to ship us and return it to you in as-new condition.  This includes, but is not limited to: bonnet components, heaters, door shells, decklids, coupe hatches, etc.

E-Type restoration is a labor of love at Monocoque Metalworks! The shop is outfitted with INDUSTRIAL GRADE MACHINES – many of which are vintage machines themselves – carefully restored and modified with the correct tooling to produce perfect E-Type panels.  As a result, you will be amazed by the crisp cuts, straight bends, and perfect holes found on our panels!  We have forming capabilities that include shearing, braking, rolling, wire-edging, bead-rolling, notching and punching – in aluminum, steel, or stainless steel – up to and including 16-gauge (.060) or beyond.  We utilize a combination of MIG, TIG, Spot, and Plug welding to ensure that your car is assembled with factory-like originality, coupled with strength and safety you can depend on!

Over 25 years of automotive restoration experience, specializing in E-Types. My first car was a 3.8 roadster, and I have driven, raced, wrecked, and restored these cars ever since.  I know the cars intimately, and can provide references attesting to that fact.  However, restoring the E-Type’s monocoque shell has always been my true passion – let me indulge myself on your project!  You simply will not find a more experienced and enthusiastic partner for your restoration!

BOOK your restoration NOW! The waiting list gets longer all the time – don’t wait, call today!  I have restorable Series 1 and 2, Coupe and Roadster tubs in stock – plus a large selection of doors, decklids, hatches, hinges, coupe and 2+2 roof panels, rear quarters, bulkheads, and bonnet pieces galore – you name it, we have it!  Don’t wait until your car is all stripped down – call now and we’ll start building a solid tub TODAY and exchange it for yours once completed!

Located just outside of Newark, DE, with easy access to I-95.  No job is too big or too small!  Give us a ring and let’s discuss your project – whether it’s one panel or the restoration of an entire body shell, we can handle it – with the attention to detail and ENTHUSIASM you’re looking for!

Monocoque Metalworks – (443) 907-2287 – Chuck


References available – or come visit and see our tools and skills in action!