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Here I am recently in an original D-Type racer. I live and breath this stuff - and I'm ready, willing, and able to help you get YOUR E-type into this condition - and get a smile this big onto YOUR face!

Chuck in his element - surrounded by E-Type shells, bonnets, and fabrication machinery - ready to start on a new project that just returned from the sandblaster! Nothing is better than having a wrecked, rusty E-Type shell dropped off for restoration!

...except maybe the first time it ever happened - I was 14 when this photo was taken of my Jag being unloaded in front of the house. I didn't know how to fix it, but I was convinced that if I could somehow, the keys to this car would also be the keys to the world of teenage girls...

So with a passion that only a hormone-fueled teenager can possess, I figured it out, and 28 months later, I had it painted screaming red, and was on my way to my girlfriend's house - Mission Accomplished! When this photo was taken, I had just turned 17, and was already working almost full time at the local Jag shop, both parting out and repairing E-Types.

By the end of high school, I had already wrecked the car - twice - and had it repainted British Racing Green. This is the yearbook picture for "Best Car" - I also got "Worst Driver", "Most likely to run out of gas", and "Most Gullible" - which I think I qualified for when I believed the guy who sold it to me, saying that it wouldn't be that tough to rebuild it... The adventures I had in this car as a kid were the beginning of a life-long love affair with the E-Type Jaguar.

Fast forward 25 years and things haven't changed much! This is the same '63 roadster from the first photo on this page - being shown at an E-Type gathering in bare steel, after replacement of the boot floor, footwells, rebuilt doors, and complete reshaping and restoration of a heavily wrecked bonnet. Call us today to have your E-Type's shell lovingly restored, with experience, skill, and ENTHUSIASM for your project that you simply will not find anywhere else!

All day, every day - you'll find me out in the shop rebuilding E-Type shells or fabricating E-Type parts. Don't waste your time (and money) on the phone buying parts that don't fit from someone who has never worked on - or even driven - an E-Type. This is a labor of love - we are the help you have been looking for with your E-Type shell!