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Here I am recently in an original D-Type racer. I live and breath this stuff – and I’m ready, willing, and able to help you get YOUR E-type into this condition – and get a smile this big onto YOUR face!

Chuck in his element – surrounded by E-Type shells, bonnets, and fabrication machinery – ready to start on a new project that just returned from the sandblaster!  Nothing is better than having a wrecked, rusty E-Type shell dropped off for restoration!

…except maybe the first time it ever happened – I was 14 when this photo was taken of my Jag being unloaded in front of the house. I didn’t know how to fix it, but I was convinced that if I could somehow, the keys to this car would also be the keys to the world of teenage girls…

So with a passion that only a hormone-fueled teenager can possess, I figured it out, and 28 months later, I had it painted screaming red, and was on my way to my girlfriend’s house – Mission Accomplished!    When this photo was taken, I had just turned 17, and was already working almost full time at the local Jag shop, both parting out and repairing E-Types.

By the end of high school, I had already wrecked the car – twice – and had it repainted British Racing Green. This is the yearbook picture for “Best Car” – I also got “Worst Driver”, “Most likely to run out of gas”, and “Most Gullible” – which I think I qualified for when I believed the guy who sold it to me, saying that it wouldn’t be that tough to rebuild it… The adventures I had in this car as a kid were the beginning of a life-long love affair with the E-Type Jaguar.

Fast forward 25 years and things haven’t changed much! This is the same ’63 roadster from the first photo on this page – being shown at an E-Type gathering in bare steel, after replacement of the boot floor, footwells, rebuilt doors, and complete reshaping and restoration of a heavily wrecked bonnet. Call us today to have your E-Type’s shell lovingly restored, with experience, skill, and ENTHUSIASM for your project that you simply will not find anywhere else!

Here’s a great milestone from the Summer of 2017. This ’67 FHC shell was the only parts car shell that I managed to save from the shop where I worked as a kid. We had a small “u-pull-it” junkyard of E-type outside, and one of my frequent duties in high-school after the school day was over was to remove parts from these cars and ship them out – after which we THREW AWAY the body shells! We saved off this shell when I convinced the owner of the shop that we should build our own E-type racer, but the project never materialized, and the shell languished in the ceiling of that shop for almost a quarter century. I eventually rescued the shell, totally restored it, and fitted an aluminum bonnet in the spirit of the racer it was once supposed to be. So it was proud day when this one went off to be painted and re-assembled!

All day, every day – you’ll find me out in the shop rebuilding E-Type shells or fabricating E-Type parts. Don’t waste your time (and money) on the phone buying parts that don’t fit from someone who has never worked on – or even driven – an E-Type. This is a labor of love – we are the help you have been looking for with your E-Type shell!