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If Monocoque Metalworks has a “patron” – it’s surely the owner of this project! The task here is to build a Series 1 4.2 roadster monocoque shell with mounted doors and decklid – FROM SCRATCH! This is a TOUGH project that has presented ALOT of obstacles and has spawned the purchase of ALOT of machinery and tooling!

In the end, the customer will get the tub they need to convert their rusty Series 2 2+2 to a Series 1 roadster – their dream. And we’ll complete our dream – the construction of the machinery, tooling, skills, and facility to build PERFECT E-Type monocoque shells – FROM SCRATCH!

Follow along as we solve the many forming challenges in reproducing every panel on a Series 1 E-Type!

Converting a Series 2 E-Type Shell to Series 1

Our next order of business in the restoration of this shell is to put the tail back together. The previous restorer has replaced the entire boot floor and both rear lower valances with new MR panels, and as usual, the … Continue reading

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Rebuilding an E-Type OTS Rear Bulkhead

This project started as the construction of a 1967 Series 1 spec OTS shell from scratch… The plan was to use chunks of dead E-Type shells, but mostly all new pieces that we fabricated here to build a complete shell. … Continue reading

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Welcome to Monocoque Metalworks

Our Blogs are currently under construction – but we’re VERY CLOSE!  Check back in a few days for lots of photos and stories about the E-Type body shells, bonnets, and components we are currently restoring in our shop!

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