Restored 1967 Series 1 E-Type – 100% Turn-Key – SOLD!

1967 E-Type Two-Plus-Two – SOLD!

Well, you missed a GREAT one – she is already headed off to her new home!

If you are in the market for an E-Type to enjoy, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND GIVE THIS YOUR FULL ATTENTION – because this is a GREAT one that is READY TO GO – and SOMEONE is going to figure that out – QUICK – and pounce on it!

I drive an E-Type EXACTLY like this every day - and it is GREAT! Look at those "light lines" - the 2+2 is slightly larger than a FHC, but the proportions are PERFECT - here is the proof! Don't doubt this for one second- this is 100% of the Series 1 E-Type experience, at LESS THAN HALF the price! And this one is BEAUTIFULLY restored for trouble-free driving - this is it!

I drive an E-Type EXACTLY like this every day – and it is GREAT! Look at those “light lines” – the 2+2 is slightly larger than a FHC, but the proportions are PERFECT – here is the proof! Don’t doubt this for one second- this is 100% of the Series 1 E-Type experience, at LESS THAN HALF the price! And this one is BEAUTIFULLY restored for trouble-free driving – this is it!

I have been driving an E-TYPE that is IDENTICAL to this car (but not nearly as nice…) for the past three years, and it has been a great experience and one of the best automotive decisions I ever made!  While many are of the opinion that a 2+2 is a “lesser E-Type” – I have spent the past few years figuring out that it is anything but that – it’s MORE!

A 2+2 has a much smoother ride than the short-wheelbase cars, and allows you to take the kids (or grandchildren) with you!  And while most later 2+2 E-Types are “tamed” with  automatic transmissions and air-conditioning, this Series 1 2+2 is a TRUE Series 1 E-Type – with a back seat…  It has the same triple-SU and smooth cam cover XK engine, same close-ratio, full-synchro “EJ” gearbox, toggle switches, triple wipers, Series 1 seats – ALL OF IT!

I have said it before and I will say it again – a 4-speed, Series 1 2+2 is the BEST KEPT SECRET of the E-Type world – and the BIGGEST BARGAIN!  My copyrighted quote on these cars is, “It’s 100% of the E-Type experience at less than 50% of the price!”  And this one is an EXCELLENT example – making that staetement even MORE true!

I’m serious – take it from a guy who lives and breathes E-Types – THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY! – I would love to buy it myself, but I already have one just like it that my family LOVES – and is not for sale at any price!  Don’t miss it – call me before someone else grabs it, and be ready for a great year of enjoyment when the weather breaks in 6 weeks!


1967 E-Type Two-Plus-Two – AVAILABLE!

Call me to discuss! – Chuck Hadley – (443) 907-2287

This is a 1967 Series 1 Jaguar E-Type 2+2, built sometime in late January/early February of 1967. It is an original 4-speed car, and all numbers match, with clear title paperwork.

Originally a well-preserved all-original car, it was lovingly restored/refreshed to it’s current state as a car to be driven and enjoyed! This E-Type needs NOTHING – there are two very minor chips in the otherwise flawless paint, and the original sunvisors need to be re-covered and re-installed… Otherwise, it is a 100% TURN-KEY E-Type that is in a mechanical condition and level of finish that is BETTER than new!

Exterior – The original exterior color was opalescent gunmetal grey, and it has been professionally stripped and repainted inside and out to opalescent silver blue by a very reputable Jaguar restoration facility – Lippincott’s Garage in Sinking Springs, PA, USA. The paint and bodywork finish is very good, and the new paint is complete – it covers the entire engine compartment, underside of bonnet, door jambs, etc. Two small patches were made to the steel body shell during this work – otherwise, the shell is completely original and rust-free. This bodywork also included the installation of all new rubber seals throughout the entire body shell.

There are two small areas where the paint has been damaged. 1) While installing the all new interior, the owner used one screw too long and it pushed through the exterior and made a very small hole. This is in the RH rear wing, just below the rear hatch opening. He then dabbed a spot of brown epoxy on to seal the small hole to prevent rust until it could be touched up later… 2) While in storage in his garage, an item fell off a shelf and chipped the paint just above the RH rear wheel. This chip is a little smaller than a fingernail. There is a can of leftover paint so that both of these blemishes can be repaired.

Brightwork The car has new Dayton wire wheels in the factory original size, and new Vredstein tires – also in the original size. The chrome on the car has been cleaned and polished, but is almost entirely original, and looks very presentable.

Interior – The car has a complete, new, dark blue leather interior from OSJI – Original Specification Jaguar Interiors (formerly J.W. Bartlett). This is widely accepted as the highest quality and most correct Jaguar interior for restoration. There are no rips or tears – it is in excellent, like-new condition. The sunvisors are the only part of the interior not restored – they were removed to be restored and never re-installed. The new material to do so will be included with the car.

Engine – The engine has received a COMPLETE engine rebuild from Terry Lippincott at Lippincott’s Garage. Terry has worked on and raced E-Types professionally for 51 years, and is widely regarded as one of the best engine builders of Jaguar XK engines in the US. Upon re-installation, a new clutch, and a complete new stainless Bell exhaust system was installed. The engine is broken in and runs flawlessly throughout the RPM range.

Gearbox – The gearbox is also the original, numbers-matching gearbox for this car.  It has been freshened up with new seals, but otherwise continues to work flawlessly in its original condition.  As a Series 1, this E-Type has a full-synchro, CLOSE-RATIO “EJS” gearbox – meaning it is an “EJ” box with a special tailshaft for the 2+2.  The “EJ” gearboxes are THE BEST and most desirable (and valuable…) gearbox of all E-Type gearboxes – with ratios that make the car perform as it should!

IRS Final Drive Unit – the fully independent rear axle is the tried-and-true “Jag rear” with a bulletproof Dana 44 center section.  This one has been gone through completely, with all new bearings and seals – and new shock absorbers.

Cooling System – To compliment the engine rebuild, a new aluminum radiator was installed, along with a new header tank and all new hoses. The factory “lawnmower blade” cooling fan has been replaced with a thermostatically controlled high-flow fan. This E-Type runs cool and will not overheat on even the hottest days!

Electricals – While the engine was out, a complete new wiring harness was installed. In addition, a new battery, new fuel pump, and new Pertronix electronic ignition was installed in the factory distributor housing. All electrical components work as they should.

Suspension – All new rubber bushings were installed in the suspension, new shock absorbers were installed in the front and rear, as well as a new steering rack and tie rod ends.

MORE! – New Heater assembly, All new hoses, new brake master cylinder and booster, new brake reservoir bottles, new heat shields, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

Price – This E-Type is being offered VERY reasonably – call me to discuss price.  I will say this – you could not have the work described above completed for the amount this E-Type is being offered for!

Call me to discuss! – Chuck Hadley – (443) 907-2287

Chuck Hadley – (443) 907-2287

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