Back in the Saddle!

Well, I FINALLY got caught up enough to take the time to sit down and write a new blog entry – don’t fall out of your chair!

This one is to get you caught up on what has been going on around here since last September.  Since then, I have only written a few blog entries that were “must-do” blogs – the annual Hershey photos, a write-up and sales pitch about our new Outer Sills, and an advertisement for a friend’s ’61 OTS project car that was available – but I’m happy to report has recently found a new home – and she is taking her sister car with her !

YES, we had TWO flat floor OTS project cars available – both very low numbers – but elected to offer them one at a time to keep it simple.  However, the first person to see them in person was the RIGHT person for both cars, and he happily agreed to take them both!

We also found a few other E-Type orphans this Fall – two more are now sold and safely in their new homes where the restorations have started, and one other is a special E-Type that is staying with us to be restored here (someday…)

While I have not been blogging, Brent, Steve and I have been working HARD!  The parts orders continue to grow in number AND in size – as the panels that we offer continue to expand.  The new outer sills were a great addition to our line, and we are now working on the tooling for the inner sills as well.

We are also beginning to make good progress on the shell restorations in the shop, and also on the new chassis table that will ultimately allow us to build up complete NEW E-Type body shells from panels.  Most of these shells will be used to support our E-Type project car program – Monocoque Metalworks owns SEVERAL E-Type project cars that have lost their complete bodies, and we will be replacing them with new, perfect shells.

So take a look through some of the more interesting photos from the past few months, and I will be blogging more often now – I promise!

Thank You all for your business and continued support! – Chuck

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