Shop Visit – Authorized Imported Cars – Flemington, NJ

Authorized Imported Cars – (908) 788-1982

If you are an E-Type owner (or want to be one soon) in the mid-Atlantic region of the US, that is a name and number you need to know!

George Hughes has owned Authorized Imported Cars for many years now – he is a great guy with a great team, and together, they have built several VERY impressive Jaguar E-Types and XK’s over the past few years!

Recently, I had a chance to visit their shop when George and I worked together to rescue a wrecked 1968 Series 1.5 E-Type OTS.  He will be restoring this car his typical, impeccable quality level – while converting to full Series 1 specs – triple SU carbs, covered headlamps, smooth cam covers, etc.

As a matter of fact, George is currently restoring no less than FOUR E-Type Roadsters that are available for sale when completed – OR NOW!  Make arrangements to purchase one of these cars now, and have it built to your cosmetic and mechanical specifications – like ordering an E-Type brand new!  George’s team is in the process of building two ’67 Series 1 roadsters, and two ’68 Series 1.5 roadsters (but BOTH will be converted to Series 1 specs!)

Like Monocoque Metalworks, Authorized Imported Cars suffers from 2 major problems – too much work and too little space!  Take a look at all of the COOL STUFF they have on site!  I was definitely in my “sensory overload mode” – not knowing where to look next – Enjoy!

Authorized Imported Cars – (908) 788-1982

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